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Open Climb2016 February 13th

Sorry - there is no waiting list.

Open Climb 2016 is Saturday February 13th 2016.
The reserve day is Sunday February 14th 2016.
Should conditions be unsuitable on Sunday the Open Climb will be abandoned

On Friday February 12th, our website will be updated with a 'Decision Pending' notice for the Open Climb.
On Saturday check our website or Facebook page from 5am for the 'Go' or 'No-Go' notice.
Please check our 'What you need' list below plus this years Publicity Information sheet – check it twice!

Follow our Facebook page for updates.

If you need to know anything at all, email us at [email protected]
On Friday night, we'll place a notice on our homepage that a decision is pending on the Open Climb going ahead.
Saturday morning at 5am we'll update this with either the Go or No Go for the event so plan to be up early and checking our webcam and website!

How to get there
Parking on the mountain is limited:

You need to arrange to leave early enough to arrive at Tahurangi Lodge by 7:00am when the first party will leave; our last party will depart no later than 8:00am. The only public toilets are in the DOC building in the carpark, and 150m below Tahurangi Lodge.

On the Climb
Detailed photos of the trip can be found on our Facebook page in our Key Locations album.

The Important Stuff

Outdoors Mark - SMS CertifiedThe Taranaki Alpine Club reminds you that mountaineering can be hazardous. The Club takes due care to manage and minimise the risks but cannot eliminate them. Of the many inherent risks of mountaineering, the risk of being hit by falling rock, falling/stumbling, lack of fitness, underlying health problems and the effects of adverse weather are the most likely to adversely affect participants. If you are not able to meet the requirements detailed here, or are unable to accept the risks, do not participate in this Open Climb. The Club does not accept liability for any personal accidents, personal injury, equipment loss or equipment damage on the Open Climb.

One thing we cannot control is the weather. With the number of people involved and the varying range of experience and equipment, the Club takes a conservative approach to deciding whether the climb should proceed or not.

Our Safety Plan is available for you here.

What you'll need
What might help you
◊ Trekking poles: great knee savers. Consider a short pair of ski poles.
◊ Putties/gaiters: these stop the stones getting in your boots when coming down.
◊ Camera: brings the sun out.
◊ First aid kit and plasters for any blisters. At the slightest hint of foot rubbing or pressure points, apply a plaster before blisters develop.
◊ Pack and Porters. Someone somehow has to carry all this stuff! Porters must register as well. 

If the weather stays fine, shorts and a shirt maybe all the clothes you need when starting out. However, it can easily change for the worse requiring all of the warm and weatherproof clothes you have. Come prepared. Warm clothes should be woollen or fleece. Cotton is unsuitable because in soaks up and holds sweat and rain. If the temperature drops, the damp cloth removes body heat rapidly.

DOC have prepared a Fact Sheet which is a really good one-stop-shop for information on access, the mountain and the summit climb.
DOC also have information on their website about the Summit Track as well as general information on safety, weather and maps.

Crew Info

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